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We are go-getters and go-givers, providing five-star services to help clients with the productiveness, enrichment, betterment, and excellence in the different aspects of their lives such as fitness, business, style, learning, travel and more. We are very demanding of ourselves, setting high goals, remaining committed to helping clients obtain goals and reach the next level of their success.

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Our Team

The Go Getters & Go Givers of Success

Antonio is a very ambitious and tenacious go getter, dedicated to helping clients cross milestones and crush goals.

Personal Fitness Trainer
Group Fitness & Zumba Instructor
Senior Fitness Specialist
Multimedia Designer

Justin is a real senior fitness training powerhouse.

Personal Fitness Trainer

Blake is the newest go getter, dedicated to helping clients change and become acclimated to a new fitness lifestyle.

Personal Fitness Trainer

About Us

Five-Star Fellas.. Five-Star, denoting the highest in quality. Fellas, denoting what we are. High quality people providing high quality services. Five-Star Fellas is the premiere "Go to Guy" for REAL RESULTS and GREAT SUCCESS in all services provided. If you have a problem, we have the solution! Clients across the Washington DC metro area trust Five-Star Fellas in providing real fitness solutions, sharp business design solutions, dream come true travel solutions, and a list of other services.

We believe that everyone is a star and should feel like a star in their everyday lives. Request more out of yourselves, be fit & healthy, gain financial stability, love how you look, learn something new & useful, and travel abroad at least once in your life. We know that sometimes the only thing people need is a little help, a little direction, and someone in their corner who genuinely would like to see them prevail and do well in life.

Our mission is to plant the seed of your ‘desire to succeed’ and cultivate it to fruitful results of success. We provide clients with the service and support needed to take themselves to the next level of their success!

Fitness solutions100%
100% Complete
Business Design solutions100%
100% Complete
Image & Style Solutions 100%
100% Complete
Learning Solutions 100%
100% Complete
Travel Experiences 100%
100% Complete

Our Services

High Quality Win-Win Solutions

Fitness Solutions

Nationally certified and accredited fitness professionals, providing REAL fitness and REAL results through personal training and group fitness.

Business Design Solutions

Providing complete business design solutions from understanding your requirements and guiding you through your project from concept to delivery.

Image & Style Solutions

Trends may come and go, but looking good never goes out of style. We offer an array of professional image & style services for adults and teens.

Learning Solutions

Offering computer, office software, and language tutoring to assist in both attaining and retaining a job and learning potentially required job skills.

Travel Experiences

Let us help you live your own Five-Star vacation story. Explore and Play.. Rest and Relax.. Indulge and Enjoy.. Learn and Grow.


Watch. Join. Learn. Providing "Show Style" Dance Entertainment, Dance Fitness, and Dance Choreography Services.

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3. Design

4. Development

5. Results

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